Writers benefit from blogging

You are just starting out as a writer. Perhaps you’ve been writing for years but haven’t published anything. Maybe you’re in your seventies and are used to having all your writing material down on sheets of paper, or perhaps you’re a young writer storing all your work in your folders on your computer.

Writers benefit from blogging 1 – You’re going to have to get with the times and the current technology

Right, now you have decided you want to do something about your writing skills and pursue your passion. You’re going to have to face what you don’t know, learn how to do it to get to where you want to get to. If you can’t set up a website, there are so many options out there for you. You can start with a WordPress site and outsource building it to someone for very little money. Once your site is built, you can write down the steps on a piece of paper or on a word document on how to post your articles onto your website. Trust me; this is a straightforward process. All you need to know is which tab you have to go to, then click on add new, paste your article in or write it on the platform, add your pictures in, hit save, click on preview and then if you’re happy hit publish. Editing is also straightforward.

This will become second nature to you, the more you keep doing it. Writers benefit from blogging a lot more by being current. The reason why it’s best to be current when you finally know how to navigate your way is because the younger generation has found more effective ways to get results.

Writers benefit from blogging 2 – Writing the article is the easy part. How do you get readers?

This is the part where you’re going to have to get even more current with the times and current technology. By researching where your target market or audience hangs out, you can have a clear understanding of who to distribute your articles to and where. There are many free ways to get your articles distributed and also paid methods. You will need to learn about SEO and depending on how serious you are about becoming a writer you will have to learn about social media, and how to get up and running on social media so that more people can access your articles. Writers can benefit from blogging and get followers through Instagram, Twitter, websites that allow you to post your blogs to the readers subscribed to them, and if you want to go a tad further, you can try YouTube. There are loads of platforms out there, but it’s essential that you use the one where you think most of your audience are hanging out.

Writers benefit from blogging

Writers benefit from blogging 3 – There are many writers out there, so what makes you so different?

Okay, I’m going to tell you a secret, but now the whole world is going to know this secret now that I have divulged it here. This, I believe, is a writer’s biggest benefit from blogging. A writer has to be consistent in today’s times. There are so many people writing content, publishing books and writing articles. One might say that the writing world is saturated, but this is not true if you know how to stand out from the crowd. When people look you up, they shouldn’t find outdated information about you. Think about it; your website is like a shop in the middle of nowhere; your articles are in the middle of nowhere and in the real world once you publish a book it is in the middle of nowhere. So how is anyone going to find out about it if you haven’t gone with traditional publishing? You’re going to have to get it out yourself and stand out of the crowd. This is going to be the difference between you and every other writer out there. How much work you do in getting yourself out there is what you will get back. Publishing is easy, it’s getting yourself readers and building a following around your passion that is the hard work.

Writers benefit from blogging 4 – The likelihood of a publisher discovering you is higher than you searching for one

Perhaps you are trying to get your name as a writer out through your blog posts and website. You’re currently writing a book; you’ve mentioned it in your blog and are talking about it to people. Publishers have a sample of your writing by looking at your content on your website. Whether this happens or not, you are building a strong foundation around your writing, skillset and followers. The choice is yours at the end whether you want to go with a publisher or not, especially when you have built the main foundation over months or even a few years.

Writers benefit from blogging 5 – If you’re a writer you’re definitely creative

The exciting thing about building a website is that you get to choose how it looks. You get to decide how you want to come across and you can do this using your own choice of style, designs, fonts, colours, themes and topics. This is another way you can stand out from the crowd when people come to your online space give them what they came for.

Writers benefit from blogging

Writers benefit from blogging 6 – Self-discipline and better writing skills

Maybe you’ve been writing for years or just started writing. You’ve decided this is what you want to do and are sure about building strong foundations around you, your articles and your writing skills. Firstly, to be able to work with a publisher, you’ll have to work with deadlines. The question is, how responsible are you to follow the schedule? Writing blog posts and scheduling them for the days you plan to post should be followed religiously. You never know who is reading. You don’t want to lose readers and if you’ve been posting three times a week; a Sunday, Wednesday and a Friday continue doing this so that you don’t lose readers who already know when to expect your post. As you keep to your schedule and post responsibly you are also getting the habit to write more frequently. The frequent, the better you become at writing and challenge yourself to write even better content.

Writers benefit from blogging 7 – The only way you’ll become a better writer is by getting feedback

Perhaps you have some great ideas, and some incredible plans to release a book. Writers can benefit from blogging by publishing their articles and learn from what their audience has to say about their article and writing skills. You can use this and the topics you write about and change the current content you have in your book according to your audience’s feedback, and you might even have to change your style. The power in having a website where you have blog posts, and feedback is that you’ve already started building a following, got a current following, got comments around your articles, have a website ranking, have been distributing your articles and posting as much as possible. The combination of all this together is bound to get you noticed.

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