Lead Generation Tools – A Blog Is A Great Way To Generate Highly Qualified Leads For Your Business

A blogging benefits article that focuses on lead generation and looks at how your home business blog can be utilized to become one of the best lead generation tools for your business.

Today I am looking at one of the most important elements for any business to survive, and that is lead generation. Customer acquisition is probably going to be one of your hardest tasks to master but once you have a customer it is easy to then repeatedly sell additional products and services to them in the future.

lead generation tools
Lead Generation Tools

What you must consider though is that people who initially come to your blog are there to check out what you have to offer them. They don’t know you let alone like or trust you and that is one of the greatest benefits from having your own blog.

Once people see that you are there to help them with their problems they will start to warm to you and give you their personal details in the form of their name and email address.

This is what makes a great blog one of the best lead generation tools that you can create, build and then develop to constantly bring a nice flow of highly qualified people to your product offers and your business in general. What you must do is think about what makes you hand over your personal details to a third party. I am sure that you don’t just dish them out willy nilly do you?

Of course, you don’t so why should you expect that from people who visit your website for the first time. You would expect to receive incredible value in return for your most private details, so this is what you must think of when asking people to do that for you. How can you give that value and gain the trust from the people who visit your blog, once you have done that then you will reap the benefits from it.

So how do you put this jigsaw together? Well I am going to share with you some simple yet powerful strategies so that you can benefit by getting hundreds if not thousands of leads for your business. We start with the most effective marketing strategy and the best thing about it is that is free albeit taking a little bit of your time to create.

Lead Generation Tools – Creating Value Driven Content Within Your Blog Posts And How To Get People To Give You Their Details

content marketing
Content Marketing

The whole concept of blogging is giving you a platform to create content which you can publish to the internet, but all content is not equal. I am not going to go into too much detail on creating content as I created a post about content creation which you can check out here.

No, today I want to concentrate more on the call to action that you put in your content that will make your blog one of the best lead generation tools.  Your content will have addressed a problem and your call to action will be where you provide the solution for your visitor, but they will only get that solution if they give you their details.

You will link them to an external page from your blog and this page will have an opt-in facility to receive the offer. By this stage you will have warmed up the visitor as to what they can expect when they click on your link. Their decision is already made, they want your offer.

The external page is called a squeeze page which may sound a strange term, but they are a gateway for a browser to become a lead and join your database which enables you to communicate with them in the future. The squeeze page will show your product offer with all its benefits and features but will also have an opt-in box where the person can enter their name and email. This is not a post on how to create powerful squeeze pages but if you are looking for resources that teach you how to create them then checkout Digital Business Lounge where you will find lots of templates and training. Then you can link them to your blog posts and benefit from that simple connection and build yourself a huge database of leads which you can nurture into high value customers.

Lead Generation Tools – How Else Can You Benefit From Your Blog Collecting Leads

Have you ever noticed that when you visit websites that there is a lead generation opt-in facility positioned on the right-hand side of the page? Well this is very strategic because most people who visit your website will read from left to right so having it positioned there has more chance of catching the eye.

What you would have in this example is a product offer that is free such as an e-book or video training series that is congruent to the niche or industry that you are in. A perfect example of this is in the image below.

mark fords blog homepage
Mark Fords Blog Homepage

This is my personal blog, MarkFordsBlog.com, and I am a home business lifestyle coach as well as a blogging expert and coach. When people visit my blog, they are looking for information to help them create their own business working from home and I have thousands of articles which covers many different aspects of the home business industry which they can read and get help from.

As a side note this is also a perfect example of the first strategy I shared with you about creating high quality content and how to promote offers within the content, so you could also take some time when you visit my blog to see how I structure my posts and use that as a template for the content you create.

Getting back to the opt-in facility. As you can see there is an eye-catching image with a strong attention seeking headline which says everything about the offer I have. Underneath there is a clear call to action where I ask them to enter their details to download a copy of my blogging report.

Underneath that call to action is two boxes where they enter their name and email address with a submit button which says, “Sign Up”.

When they click on that sign up button they are immediately added to my list of subscribers within my auto-responder service called Aweber and they will receive instructions on how to download my free e-book and take value from the content contained within that e-book.

The blogging benefit here comes in two ways. The first is that the visitor to my website gets instant gratification because they have got something that has high perceived value for free that they can learn from.

The other benefit is that I now have their contact details and they become a lead for my business, This means that I can follow up with them and continue to add value to their lives leading to them becoming a customer for my business. The blogging strategy really is a win/win for all parties and it involves no content creation like what is involved when you publish a blog post.

For this to work all you need is an auto-responder service like Aweber where you can create the contact form and then embed that code onto your website.

Everything is linked up to work automatically when people subscribe and you can create an email follow up series that again works on auto-pilot sending out messages periodically.

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So, if your blog doesn’t have this facility already then I highly encourage you to implement this strategy immediately so that you can benefit from your blog creating leads for you.

Lead Generation Tools – The Benefit Of Having Banners On Your Blog That Collect Leads For Your Business

This strategy is similar to the previous one but with a slight difference. The main feature of a banner is that it is a visual element to your blog and as I have already mentioned images catch the eye of the visitor to your webpages.

So you can display banners for your offers within the header, side-bar and footer of your blog. Also you can integrate them into the body of your content. When people click on the banner they are directed to a squeeze page which shows the offer along with the benefits and features of the product which is different to the previous strategy where they are automatically added to a data base of subscribers.

When they arrive at the squeeze page the process is as I have already mentioned, they enter their details and then are sent the link to download what they have signed up for.

The benefit of having banners is that they bring life to your webpages especially if they have vibrant colours which I am sure you have experienced in the past. How many times have you visited websites that are dull and boring to look at? There is no structure to them and no thought has been given to make them look attractive.

The result is that most of the time you simply click away from them and never go back. This is what you want to avoid happening to your blog so make them aesthetically pleasing by displaying banners that give value to the visitor along with collecting leads for your business.

Lead Generation Tools Video

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Lead Generation Tools Closing Remarks

As you can see by implementing these strategies that I have shared with you can transform your blog into one of the most powerful lead generating tools for your business and the benefits you receive will overshadow the time it takes to put them into practice. Make sure you check out the solutions that I have created to help you even more.

Please be sure to check out our solutions page where there are many packages which show how we can help you with all your blogging needs.

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I wish you every success in building a home business lifestyle through blogging.

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