Can you believe it that kids can find blogging easier than adults because they are consistently learning to write and have to write daily? Let’s admit it; school seems like it will take forever to finish when you’re seven or twelve. Let’s take a look at what students do that adults don’t do often or never and how kids can leverage blogging.

How kids can leverage blogging 1 – If there aren’t any toys around see what a kid does with the printing paper you left around

To be a blogger, writing is an advantage, and if a kid is learning and writing every day at school, then they make it fun. Think about it.

Kids like to draw, colour, make planes or any other objects. They are creative, have an extraordinary imagination and have funny answers to some questions. They make the world you know look completely different and out of the box. I mean so what if the sun is blue? It might just be a blue moon to them.

Now, remember what it is like when you’re blogging. Have you become mathematical or technical that being creative becomes a thinking process for you?

If they can paste, draw and write they can copy, paste, draw and write a blog post.

How kids can leverage blogging 2 – Kids have fun blogging because the internet is a place with free and unlimited resources

If kids have a question and are with an adult while blogging, they can find the answers on google. Perhaps they want to use an image to express something. Using the internet and free resources are what kids can use to leverage blogging. With the supervision of an adult, kids can learn to navigate through the internet safely, and what they’ve never imagined in reality they can find on the internet. Including a blue sun and a blue moon. If you don’t believe me, type in the google search engine, blue sun and then click on images. See for yourself. Try the same with blue moon. Now, do you believe me?

How kids can leverage blogging

How kids can leverage blogging 3 – Better their technical, entrepreneurial, reading, writing and general knowledge

The more kids use the computer and learn to design, customise, layout their work they are building their technical skills. Perhaps they will want to research some topics before writing about them. With researching, they will learn something new all the time, and through researching, they are bettering their reading skills, which helps them to get familiar with words that they often see. This helps them at school to write better compositions with less spelling mistakes. This is a powerful way for how kids can leverage blogging.

How kids can leverage blogging 4 – Gives students more confidence

The more kids blog, the confident they become in themselves with the knowledge they have. Perhaps the language as a subject at school is their weak point. Blogging is helping them better express themselves in their language and helps them at school. Getting better marks increases a child’s confidence. Confidence helps a child become comfortable with themselves so that they can express themselves better, which leads me to the next point.

How kids can leverage blogging 5 – Self-expression

At school, kids are given an exercise to complete. The teacher or the exercise itself is aiming for the child to learn something. It could be something particular or a number of skills at the same time. This is confusing for kids as they have various subjects, different tests and each teacher has a specific requirement or is looking for a particular answer. Learning can be a rigid process because of the number of kids there are in one class. By blogging and focusing on something that can help other students like them, they’d get feedback from kids and adults. This allows kids not to be so rigid and to become flexible. While one thing might work at school might not work at home; when they’re blogging and vice versa. The feedback they receive helps them to take onboard all angles, which leaves them open to express themselves based on the current trend. As they go with it, they might even create a trend for other kids. They will be able to adapt and find balance with what happens in school and out of school.

How kids can leverage blogging

How kids can leverage blogging 5 – Leveraging blogging gives kids a voice

When it comes to shy kids, they can leverage blogging by bringing out their voice on paper or a blog. Shy kids tend to be bullied at school because they are timid and don’t like confrontation. Kids can leverage blogging as an anti-bullying tactic. This is a subtle way to combat bullying. Letting their creativity and self-expression come out through blogging strengthens them against the bullying, in being okay with themselves and even not taking their bully seriously. The better they know, the easier it is to let go. With this knowledge and this newfound distraction, they won’t even have time to think about the bully or what it was doing to them once before. Kids can leverage blogging by writing an article about bullying to help other students. They also feel like they are heard and that their voice matters and help others.

How kids can leverage blogging 6 – Kids will become authentic, develop their creative thinking, making them better storytellers.

The more kids blog and see results from their blogging they will become even more motivated. Kids will be more inclined to become fearless each time and the more their blog helps others, they become more authentic. This will challenge their writing skills, and the more their blog grows the better content they’d want to create. Storytelling will help kids at school as they train their creative writing skills. With time they can enter short story contests and even write and publish their own stories in other ways.

How kids can leverage blogging 7 – Kids will become more focused and responsible from a young age

Now that they have a new project on their mind, kids will understand the benefits of having patience. By practising and working on their blog over time, they will understand that being consistent and working hard is what brings results. No blog post, no results. The sooner they learn this and try many things, the sooner they’ll come to a point where they will stick with something and keep at it until they figure things out along the way. From all the time they have, they need to schedule a time for their blog, which isn’t an issue as it’s become their hobby. The more they work on their blog and posts, they will become more focused and responsible because they are ultimately responsible for the blog even if an adult is supervising and helping them.

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