Get good at blogging during your school holidays

Get good at blogging during your school holidays 1 – You’re bound to have more time

You have more time than you ever had during school and besides what are you going to do with all that time? Take out the time for fun, and you’ll still have time to blog and besides who said you couldn’t do both at the same time? Blogging is fun if you’re doing it right. Maybe you don’t have any fun things planned until a few days’ time, or you’re going on holidays just for the first five days out of the twenty-one days. I mean some of the silliest, funniest and innovative things you do come from boredom and having loads of free time. You’d want to grab that on camera or write about it. Just the way you get content without even feeling like you’re blogging makes you get good at blogging during school holidays. Imagine how many kids on school holidays are going through the same thing as you. So many kids and parents can resonate with your voice alone.

Get good at blogging during your school holidays 2 – Blogging keeps you out of trouble

Make the theme of your blogs around school holidays, and you’ll see how everything you do in your holidays will become topics to talk, video or write about. While having fun during your holidays, you’ll have to get a lot of things organised with your blogging hobby. A phone with a camera or a camera, a computer where you can file your videos and images, your website or platform where you’re blogging, the sites or channels you want to distribute your blogs on and a schedule around which days you want to post. This should get you good at blogging during your school holidays but don’t forget the additional things you’ve learnt during your holidays that goes with publishing a post. Get good at blogging during your school holidays by focusing on positive things. Kids who focus on negative activity and company during their holidays could end up getting into trouble later in life.

Get good at blogging during your school holidays

Get good at blogging during your school holidays 3 – You’re bound to go out a lot

How many kids are having holidays at the same time as you around the world? Did you ever stop to think about it? Imagine how many kids you will keep entertained and educated with the things you’re doing on your side of the world. You’re helping other kids stay out of trouble and even inspiring them start blogs. Kids in Russia, Croatia, Germany and other countries don’t find out the fake life that a lot of movies portray when they see you, reading your blog and by seeing your pictures you have taught so many parents and kids out there from your life in say Britain or Germany. You know what I mean. Perhaps you’re going on holidays to a summer camp, camping, to the seaside or another country just imagine how much value you can provide on your platform by showing other kids the difference between your country or town to the country or town you live in. How you would make a fire or prepare the meat for a barbecue with your parents, friends or family to how others in different countries do. The things you have in your cupboard and your favourite snacks. Remember what you got in your country, not all countries have. Even if you’re back from holidays and hanging out with your friends or neighbours, I guarantee there will always be something fun to video, talk about or even write about. By the end of your school holidays, you will get so good at blogging that you didn’t even feel like you have been working on a blogging project.

Get good at blogging during your school holidays 4 – Inspire others, change their lives and get good at a language

So here you are getting momentum on your new blogging venture whether people are reading or watching, you don’t care. If you got to reach at least one kid or parent, then you have achieved something. Now imagine if you are a kid who speaks another language as a foreign language and begins to blog. Do you know how many kids and adults you will inspire with your message and bravery? Most of all, you will have something so unique about your content, and that is that your life as a foreigner; your culture, traditions, cuisine, clothing etc. will be such an interesting factor to your content and why people would want to find out more.

Get good at blogging during your school holidays 5 – The more free time, the more time to be creative

Pressure doesn’t help creativity, but when kids and adults are the most relaxed is when creativity flourishes. Have you seen kids colour, draw or do something that doesn’t come from pressure in their free time? They enjoy it, laugh, play, take their time, pay attention and get inspired. Maybe you have a drawing competition, and they had no idea how to draw a dolphin but see you drawing it and say, “How Cool.” You might teach them afterwards how to draw it or make it. You’ve transferred skills to them, which can help to get good at blogging with the activities you’ve been doing, and they transfer their skills to you. Something you didn’t remember in years as a child or forgotten about has brought you awareness through them. Boredom is a motivator to creativity with some kids.

Get good at blogging during your school holidays

Get good at blogging during your school holidays 6 – Play around and have fun

Perhaps you’re getting feedback from your parents, friends and extended family. You don’t care whether someone is watching or reading your blog. It’s just become a hobby and a fun activity, almost like a life journal to record things that one day you can look back on. Just imagine how you can re-purpose all of that content when you’re all grown up. Play, have fun with the idea, don’t have expectations or even take it too seriously and just see where it goes as long as you keep the intention and content positive. Playing around and having fun experimenting with content helps you get good at blogging.

Get good at blogging during your school holidays 7 – Become famous for…

Okay, remember I said earlier, “No expectation.” Yes, that’s right. Just have fun, have good and positive intentions, and when you learn the technicalities around publishing a post over time, you might just become a famous blogger in a field you had no idea that you were good at which brings me to the next point.

Get good at blogging during your school holidays 8 – Discover a hidden talent

By blogging over time and receiving feedback, you’ll find from all the content you post; there are some things you’re more excited about than others. This is a big clue to where your purpose might lie, so don’t ignore that. The more and more you do what you really like the chances are that you possibly could be called to that area of expertise for a reason. This will tell you how passionate you are about certain topics than others, and it might lead you to take up a career in just that. If you’ve been researching about what you’re posting and what you want to write about, you have educated yourself that what you’ve learnt a quarter of the kids around the world at your age might not even know about. This is a major benefit to you and your life ahead while you get good at blogging during your school holidays.

Get good at blogging during your school holiday

Get good at blogging during your school holiday 9 – Become fearless

There are a lot of people out there that want to blog but stop themselves from blogging, and one of those reasons out of a few is that they are afraid. A lot of people are afraid of judgement and exposing themselves. This is something that can follow you all your life so you might as well attack it now and get over the fear.

Get good at blogging during your school holidays 10 – You can become a top blogger at a very young age.

Keep on the path and get good at blogging over the years during your school holidays, and you will eventually end up becoming a top blogger at a very young age. The good thing is that you are not bound by going to work, paying the bills, doing the shopping, running the household so why don’t you just become a top blogger if blogging does become your thing? Just imagine the impact you still have to make in the world if you’ve become a top blogger at the age of seventeen or eighteen. You would have opened up a career of your choice, a career you’ve educated yourself into instead of paying a top institute to study something where you realise only by going in that it’s not what you thought you wanted to be.

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