Find your voice through blogging – Writing English as a foreign language and writing English as an English speaker

You might say that the minute an English speaker writes a few posts, they will have found their voice. The truth is that whether a person can speak good English or not, it’s not the determining factor of them being good writers in English. Writing needs practise if you really want to hit the audience on an authentic level. Like every person in the world, the person who decides to start blogging could be a shy person; an introvert or an extrovert. Perhaps the introvert is better at expressing themselves in writing but not through podcasts or videos, and while the extrovert is amazing with the audience, they might not be great at expressing themselves on paper. Here are some ways to find your voice through blogging.

Find your voice through blogging

Find your voice through blogging – Write as if no one is going to read your posts

At first, when you blog, it’s like any new job. You pay attention; you seek perfection, you use italics and bold on your articles, or one might say you begin on people pleasing mode. The truth is if you want to find your own voice, you’re going to have to focus and provide quality content so that you can be understood as a foreigner or even as an English-speaking blogger. The challenge is the same, but only those who speak English as a foreign language will have the extra challenge to learn English along the way. Saying that even an English speaker who has never been back to English classes in years since finishing school will need to learn some things all over again. No one will know you in the beginning unless you are already a celebrity, but even a celebrity who speaks English as a foreign language will feel the pressure. To become good at anything you will have to take the attitude that no one is even paying any attention to you, that’s if you want to find your true voice through blogging. To put more context to this, I ask you how children find their voice or character? Some things their parents have to ignore until they find the way themselves, so the same goes for blogging. Write quality content and publish. Keep your expectations low.  By having the attitude of writing as if no one is going to read your posts gives you the freedom of speech. You will have the courage to write about topics that people might be holding back. The first thing that will come through by taking this approach is that you will find yourself as authentic as ever.

Find your voice through blogging – Just keep writing

Here you are blogging, and your long-term aim is to make money through blogging. So, you find your target audience, their pain points, topics that you are passionate about along with topics that will help them and the only thing missing is your voice. This is the challenge of an English speaker just as it is for a person who speaks English as a foreign language. Stick to your schedule of how many blogs you need to post in a week, just keep writing and write as if no one is going to read your posts but write quality posts. At first you will take a lot of time fixing the grammar, the context, the spelling, your sentence construction but like anything you take the time to learn something that you want to get good at, and then you get faster at it because you’ve become aware of the rules (the dos and don’ts). The more you eliminate the challenges that once were the more you’re getting closer to your authentic self – quote by T. Dench Patel. By writing as many posts as possible, you’re eliminating the challenges that come with publishing a post; writing, optimising, distributing, technical knowledge relating to your website and a whole lot of challenges that come with running an online business. If you want to find your voice through blogging, just keep writing.

Find your voice through blogging

Find your voice through blogging – Try reading other blogs and experiment

Every writer has this challenge and even the blogger at any scale. A writer who writes non-fiction books or fiction books will need to read different books if they want to come across unique. There are so many people publishing books today, and if an author of a fiction or non-fiction book wants to stand out, then we’re talking about mastering skills on another level. There is always a new level to reach. Experimenting will require flexibility and spontaneity. Experimenting will lead you to a natural approach with time if you’re aiming for a unique voice with a combination of styles. Perhaps one post will be humorous, another quirky, another witty, another quizzy etc. Experimenting is a big bonus to finding your voice through blogging.

Find your voice through blogging – Have fun experimenting and blogging

You shouldn’t be blogging if it’s boring or there’s something that you’re not doing to make it interesting. By experimenting and trying different voices, you might even gain some humour through it. Add the combination of passion if writing isn’t your strongest point. Let the passion bypass the writing weakness so that you feel motivated to keep on blogging.

Find your voice through blogging – Feedback leaves clues

Keep an eye on how much feedback you’re getting and from which posts. By reading what your audience is saying you will be able to look back on the day you’ve written that post. What was it that you did? How was your mood? Were you passionate about that specific topic? Did you write it from being at home or from being at a coffee shop? That day you dared to somehow bring out the tipsy person in you even if you don’t drink because of a certain thing that happened in the news or a funny thing that happened at home. Feedback is often inspiring when it comes to finding your voice through blogging.

Find your voice through blogging – Success leaves a trail

As you run through your posts, you’ll find that there is something you’ve picked up over time when writing which keeps coming out through your posts. Where did you get it from?  Perhaps you don’t even speak like that in your own language if you are a foreigner. Over time you’ve built a natural muscle for a style that is unique to you that your audience enjoys. That is why they keep coming back to your blog. That is when you will find that you have found a piece of your voice and the rest of your voice will keep developing with years of blogging that follow whether you are an average or a good writer. This goes for writers to whom English is a foreign language and for English speaking writers.

If success is leaving a good trail, then know that you have found a good voice through blogging.

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