Creating Blog Content – What Content You Should Create For Your Website And The Benefits It Has For Your Search Engine Rankings And Your Target Audience?

An article from Mark Ford that delves deep into creating blog content for your website and explains what the benefits are for your blog when it comes to the major search engines recognising your content and from the perspective of your readership.

30th September 2020
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Mark Ford

Today I am going to be concentrating my efforts on what is arguably the most important element of your website and that is the content that you create and publish to the worldwide web. Creating blog content that is high in quality is key, but this content will come in many different formats which I will look at throughout this post and look at the benefits of each format and how you can use them in conjunction with each other.

Also as a content writer every piece that you create should have a purpose about it whether that is to create leads that you can then follow up with later, or to promote a product or service that is maybe yours or a product that you are promoting as an affiliate to generate a sale or commission.

Maybe you just want to provide some value to your readership which can be just as powerful and I will explain the benefits of mixing things up to keep your readership engaged with the message you are projecting.

Creating Blog Content – Blog Structure

Along with the purpose of your content there should also be structure to it as well and I will share with you a simple process to have in place so that you achieve the objective that you have set out for yourself. Once you have a purpose and structure then creating blog content becomes both easy and a lot of fun in the process. You will find that the quality of content you produce will get higher and higher. This is an overriding factor to how successful you become with your business.

You can see I have a lot to cover but make sure you keep with me right to the end as I will share with you a powerful resource that you can leverage to become a blogging expert just like I have over the last few years. So let’s get on with helping you create some great content for your website.

Creating Blog Content – Content Formats And The Benefits From Creating Them

creating blog content
Creating Blog Content

So Mark, what are the formats that I should be looking at to publish on my blog? Well that is a great question and what I have found over the last few years is that there are four formats that you should look to be creating.

Before I do though, I feel it is very important for me to do a bit of housekeeping with you. Every piece of blog content that you create must be 100% unique, there is no room for copy and paste in content marketing. It is up to you to repeatedly come up with new ideas when creating blog content.

Why is this Mark? Well you will reap the benefits from taking that extra time to research and plan the content. The main benefit is that Google and the other major search engines will love you for that because their little robots and spiders that crawl your content will recognise the uniqueness through their sophisticated algorithms and reward you accordingly.

Meaning they will rank your content highly which results in people clicking on your links in the search engine listing and going through to your web page. This is traffic that you do not pay for, it is completely free after taking out what your time is worth for creating blog content in the first place.

So let’s have a brief overview of the different formats before I go into greater detail and explain what the blogging benefits are for each one. The first and most popular format to look at when creating blog content is the most popular format and that is a text written blog post like the one you are reading right now.

Then there is video content, closely followed by audio and another one that I have used to great effect is an info-graphic. Let’s break those down now and look at the key elements that make them so effective.

Creating Blog Content – Text Written Content & The Blog Benefits Of Writing This Type of Content

text blogThe written blog post is the longest running format and probably is what people expect to see when they click on a link in the search engine results. What you must get into your head is that people are looking for information when they go online and, in most cases, they are looking for a solution to a particular problem they are suffering from.

So your role is to become that problem solver and this applies to all formats when creating blog content. Your structure should be first to address the problem then empathise with your reader before you go onto reassure them that there is a solution available. Finally, give them a call to action to go ahead and get the solution.

My advice would be to adopt another role of being a story teller as everyone likes a good story, don’t they? When you are writing your content think of the person on the other side of the screen as a person. This is very important and then talk to them as though you are speaking to one of your friends. Use language as though you are speaking to them personally and not as though you are addressing a crowd.

Then take them on a journey through your story which could be about things that have happened to you which is great because this will help your reader relate to you as they will feel you know exactly how they are feeling. What I have just shared with you is one of the biggest benefits from blogging as you will start to build that relationship between you and your reader which will ultimately measure the success you have within your blogging business.

Your content should always be keyword related and again this applies to all formats when creating blog content. The benefit of keyword related content is through search engine optimization which is how the search engine evaluate your content for its relevance. Now I wrote a detailed post just a few days ago relating to blogging and SEO which explains the importance of having your content optimized as much as possible and the benefits you receive when you do this. So I suggest you check it out by clicking here.

There is a saying that “quality always trumps quantity” but that does not apply to blogging. You used to be able to get away with post lengths of between 400 – 600 words but just recently Google have changed their opinion and are now looking for both quality and quantity so don’t skimp on the work as you should be looking at a minimum of 1500 words which is packed with value.

Creating Blog Content – Video Content But Not Making A Hollywood Movie!

video blogVideo marketing is becoming extremely popular and a very effective strategy for content marketers. The blog benefits of video content are that it is very engaging for the visitor to your website and in many respects, you can get your message out there and add value to a person’s life during a 3 – 4 minute video which could equate to the time it takes for someone to read a blog post.

This is the optimum time for any videos that you create and should follow the structure mentioned before.

All the videos that you make can be posted on your website and the huge blog benefit of doing this is because Google loves videos. In case you didn’t know they own YouTube, so the added benefit is that you can have your video on that platform as well as your website. Your videos can be shot from your smartphone, your webcam on your computer or if you feel inclined you could go all out and get professional camera equipment.

They can be live with you on the camera, screen captured off your computer or another popular option is power-point videos so there are plenty of options for you to create videos for your business and product offers.

As I said though in the sub-headline it doesn’t have to be a Hollywood production. If it is you on camera then try and keep it natural even if you have a few pauses or slip of the tongue as this will show you are just a normal person. The blogging benefit of this is that people will be able to relate to you more.

Creating Blog Content – Audio Format Content

audio blogAnother great option for creating blog content is audio. Many people like to listen to content rather than read or watch it and it is very flexible because they can download your content and consume it on the move. It is very easy to create audio files and you probably have the technology already if you have a smartphone or iPhone available.

You could also look at creating podcasts which is like having your own radio station which is a great benefit for blogging as you can post your latest episode on your website which will bring more people to your blog and increase your audience who will then get to learn more about you and build up your profile.

Creating Blog Content – The Infographic Effect

Info-graphics are very useful to use on your blog as they are informative and can show step by step procedures in a visual way thatinfographic is engaging to your readers eye, hence the name infographic. So if you have information and you want to jazz it up then this is a perfect solution to add to your blog.

The only thing is that unless you are technically gifted and artistic then you may want you get professional people to create these for you. However, once done it will give your readers something to really study and take value from.

internet blogging benefits
Internet Blogging Benefits - Mark Ford, Blogging Coach

Creating Blog Content – Re-Purposing Content On Your Blog

One great blogging benefit for you as a home business owner is that you have cart blanche as to what you can publish and a great way to utilize your content is to re-purpose it. So what do I mean by this.

You can take one piece of content and then create various formats from it and for this example I will look at the original piece to be a video that you record. From that video you can use software to strip the audio file from the MP4 file and instantly you have the MP3 version.

From that MP3 version you can again put that audio file into software and it will transcribe it for you giving you a text version which you can format for search engine optimization purposes to get it ranked within the search engines.

With that text version you can send it to a designer to get the infographic done which you can then use for a blog post. So the benefit is that from one piece of work you could potentially have four different formats that you can post on your blog to add value to your readership and place a call to action to gain subscribers or customers. As you can see your blog is a powerful publishing tool which you can maximise to the fullest extent.

If you would like more information about content creation for your blog, then I have created a very detailed course on blogging which shows how to create high quality content for your blog. Click here to learn more.

Creating blog content of high quality can benefit your business because it increases your profile and credibility to your potential audience along with getting noticed by the major search engines who can then send organic and free traffic to your website.

Mark Ford Blogging CoachI wish you every success in building a home business lifestyle through blogging.

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