Career benefits of blogging

Career benefits of blogging 1 – Polish your writing skills

If you haven’t written before or not that much, then I’m sure before you’ve started a blog you’ve done some research. Maybe your current job is doing something completely different, and now you’ve been handed with the task of writing blog posts or voluntarily decided to go into blogging for your own personal reasons. Having writing skills will help you in almost everything you do even when you’re speaking to people or planning to do public speaking. Preparing your posts will help you get back to those English lessons you’ve taken at school. The more you check your grammar, spelling and the use of words you’re getting better at writing. The quality of your emails, posts and speech will improve. This is an excellent career benefit of blogging because the more you write blog posts, the more hours you’re training yourself to become a professional writer.

Career benefits of blogging 2 – Free to choose

At first, when you start blogging, you will be learning about keywords, choosing topics and researching. You might hit and miss the necessary action steps that go with blogging, but when you become consistent, it will become a worthwhile investment and second nature. Whatever your current career is, there are going to be many options in the future if you did decide that you want to change directions. You can become a full-time writer (a freelance writer), publish a book, go into marketing if you enjoy SEO strategies, content writer or even go in a newfound direction that you’ve discovered through you blogging about particular articles. The freedom to choose is one of the most awesome career benefits of blogging. There are so many people in the position where the job chooses them, and they often have less of a choice.

Career benefits of blogging 3 – Express yourself

Whether you’re an introvert or extrovert, expressing who you are through your writing is going to be fun. With time you will find your voice. Your blog space is yours, and you have the freedom to express yourself how you want. Perhaps you’re serious and prefer intellectual conversations; then your blog posts will reflect your personality and attract those who are looking for intellectual and technical conversations. You can express yourself through your design, and then your posts give your followers a personalised touch to who you are as a person. If you’re “arty” you can have a really funky design; if you’re “techy,” then you can have some really cool technical features that can impress your followers when they arrive at your page. You have the freedom to make your site congruent with your style, messaging and you.

Career benefits of blogging

Career benefits of blogging 4 – Create a digital footprint and an identity that you can be proud of

Through your content, people can get a just of who you are. When recruiters get your CV, they look at the results that come up under your name. Anyone who wants to partner with you will research about you. Even followers who haven’t heard about you and just found out about you can search for you. One of the career benefits of blogging is that your website and your blog is a live and ever-changing CV of who you are. When you meet people for the first time, you can be comfortable with the fact that they either know you from becoming an authority figure in the industry or have read your website. You’ll be okay with the fact that they either like you or they don’t. What matters is working with the ones who like and believe in what you believe in.

Career benefits of blogging 5 – Motivation

Becoming a blogger gives you the freedom in whatever space you’re in. If you’re blogging for a company you will have limited means of freedom to express yourself, either way; you can end up blogging for yourself as you start to see your followers feedback and how your content is going down in the market. The more you go into topics that most are scared to go into or write about the more motivation you’ll get, especially if you’re using your own journey to help others. Masses will resonate with you. Not only will you be motivated to share more, but your motivation will come from wanting to inspire others more.

Career benefits of blogging 6 – Become an expert through your research

The more you research topics and move forward from learning curbs on your blog posts, uncover new solutions, update your posts from what you’ve learnt, learn from your followers and people you look up to more and more people will be following you and will buy from you. Your journey and social proof are of massive value. Money won’t be your motivator through time; it’s just a by-product of what you do. Everyone who follows you and those who start to follow you will do so because of your authenticity whether you gain something from it or not is irrelevant, and what comes through is the pure need to serve and resolve.

Career benefits of blogging 7 – Experiment

With learning to write and optimising your blog posts, you also have to learn other skills. At first, this might be a challenge, but the more you learn how to use technology, the cms, applications, analytical skills, social media and getting the images together for your post you will be able to experiment. The more comfortable you get with what you’ve applied, the more risks you’ll take with new and upcoming technology and applications that make your life simple. The is a huge career benefit to blogging over the years.

Career benefits of blogging

Career benefits of blogging 8 – You can get paid a lot more than what you currently earn

As you blog and optimise your blog, your website’s or your company’s website’s ranking will get higher. You or your company will be approached with offers to do business; the sales would pick up, invitations to events and a number of opportunities will come in. The potential to earn more money, get a promotion, hire more manpower, empower the business where finances were once lacking is now possible. The posts and the feedback have great clues to better your pitches and sell more products and services.

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