Business blogging benefits

Business blogging benefits 1 – You can help other businesses

Once you’ve been blogging for some time and are starting to see results, other smaller businesses will come to you for advice. They might be in your niche, somehow linked to your niche or not, but you can certainly help them through your learnings. People who know your journey and even been present through it will want to take on board what you have to say. Someone who’s been on a similar journey can help them avoid some major pitfalls.

Business blogging benefits 2 – Become a problem solver

The more you blog, the more your knowledge expands. You’ll receive feedback from your customers and potential customers. As much as you might know about your niche, you will always discover something new. As the products change over time, your customers and potential customers will tell you what works and what doesn’t work. The increase in visits along with your bank balance will attract other businesses to partner with you as they could be using your website and the feedback you get from customers on growing trends and pain points. It then becomes a mutual interest on both parts when a new product comes out as a resolution to the pain points.

Business blogging benefits

Business blogging benefits 3 – You will be able to improve your sales team

This is a really compelling business blogging benefit. All the feedback you receive will give you an insight into your customer’s pain points and the service you provide. This information helps you to understand your customer better and improve your sales process. The more feedback you get, the more you find out what your customers are looking for. You will know what products or services to stock and what to let go of.

Business blogging benefits 4 – Business blogging benefits your sales team and their pitches

Through business blogging your sales team can benefit through using the most popular blog posts as well as prepare their own pitches (which perhaps they too can use pieces of as a blog onto the website). If your sales team need help with pitching a product not only can they use an article from the site and its feedback, but they can use the company website to get information in order to pitch the service or product to the client. If the sales team are making their own pitch, then the successful pitch that keeps winning clients over might have some important points which can be added in a blog or under the products and services a company is providing.

Business blogging benefits 5 – One thing leads to something better

The benefits of business blogging is that as you write your articles, you zoom in on different aspects which you never really focused on before. You might find that as you get better at writing, you’ll end up feeling more passionate about writing some topics than others. The more you go into it in depth, you will find that you’ve discovered a new passion which you might even incorporate into your business later on or take it up as another side project altogether.

Business blogging benefits

Business blogging benefits 6 – Being a thought leader gives you the power to innovate

Being a thought leader gives you room to experiment and innovate with your ideas. Business blogging benefits your company, especially if you have a new product that you’ve been working on coming out or a solution out there that your customers and potential customers are looking for. Being a thought leader allows you to write about the pros and cons of this new product or service compared to someone who isn’t a leader in the industry as yet. Not only have you built a following, but you can easily sell the product because you are already positioned in the niche and have tons of your research and blog posts backing you up.

Business blogging benefits 7 – Business blogging benefits the quality of leads that come in

Even though paid marketing can help the quality of leads through blogging the chances of hitting your target audience are higher. With putting a lot of effort into blogging and serving the needs of customers and potential customers, you’re likely to get incoming leads. It’s an ideal situation for any company to be in. Going and finding customers through paid forms doesn’t necessarily mean you will find a customer who is looking for your product or services. You will have created a strong list of loyal customers that you can update through your newsletters, and you can look after your loyal customers through marketing campaigns.

Business blogging benefits 8 – The benefits of blogging in a business allow you to shift your focus

Through feedback from potential customers, customers and sales, you will be able to identify where other areas of your business need to improve. As sales increase the departments that follow, i.e. customer service, accounts, human resources etc. need to improve. Now that you’re gaining momentum and revenue you can get time freedom and ensure that what you don’t like doing gets outsourced or handled by a specific department so that you can enjoy time with your family, go on training, product seminars and meetings to take your business on the next level.

Business blogging benefits

Business blogging benefits 9 – You’re not restricted

The benefits of business blogging is that you have your website. While most companies place their blogs on their website. That space is yours, and your website is your online property. You are free to express yourself your way choosing what you want to bring forward to your audience. You’re not reporting to a boss and are free to experiment. It’s your choice if you want to have your readers uncover something which they themselves would be shocked about. You can use video, podcasts, written content, pictures, humour, or come across whichever way you want. You’re free to choose the titles of your post. The design, colours and branding are completely on your own terms.

Business blogging benefits 10 – Business blogging benefits a company’s reputation

The more blogs you post, the more feedback, the more sales, the more you serve you are building your social footprint along with reputation. From the posts, feedback and reviews potential customers will be able to see how your company is positioned. The more they follow your content, your products and updates you are building trust. People buy from people, and the more personalised you are, the more you’ll come across as a person (the face in front of your company) that people are liking, trusting and getting to know more and more.

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