Blogging is a free way to make money

Blogging is a free way to make money #1 – Once you’ve set up the blog you have to invest time

Over time you will get more search engine traffic. If you put a blog post today, two years down the line, it will deliver money. You just don’t know when it’s going to happen. Over time by the consistent activity, you will get regular traffic and an increase in traffic. As you invest time into your blog you will get customer trust and loyalty; over time you will be able to drive free traffic and sales, you will be able to compete with big brands out there who have big marketing budgets. As a small business owner, you can compete with big brands by sharing high-quality content as frequent as possible, hence why blogging is a free way to make money if you invest time into it.

Blogging is a free way to make money #2 – Drive free search engine traffic

If you are blogging once a day or twice a day, you are going to get noticed by the search engines. Google will come and visit your site to see what else you’re saying. It makes you more credible in the marketplace by updating your blog consistently. It’s going to help you with your rankings over your other competitors, hence why blogging is a free way to make money and for Google to come and see your site you don’t have to pay them.

Blogging is a free way to make money

Blogging is a free way to make money #3 – Frequent updates gets you noticed

Frequent updates will get you noticed not only by the search engines but by your blog readers. So if your readers are coming along and they see a blog today and then nothing again for three months, then it’s unlikely they’re going to notice you, but with frequent updates, it’s going to help you with search engine traffic and helps with your readership and subscribers. They know that you are updating your blog every day or every couple of days and just the visitors visiting your blog can see what you’ve put on your blog today, so frequent updates will get you noticed, hence why blogging is a free way to make money.

Blogging is a free way to make money #4 – Each blog post is a brick in the wall

You got to have your expectations right at the front end. If you’re dreaming of making a lot of money through blogging, you can, but you have to make an effort and put the time into it. You can also use other marketing strategies to make good money. You don’t build a house with one brick, and if you do that you don’t build a house without foundations, then it will fall. It isn’t until the walls are up, the windows and doors are in that you can put the roof on. When you put the roof on, it’s all the traffic and all the money that arrives. You have to focus on the activity on doing the blog as opposed to “Oh, I’m going to do that blog, and I’m going to get money.” You got to focus on the system, the blog each day and the money and the traffic eventually arrives. You can’t say when the money will arrive, but if you keep targeting keywords, done the correct keyword research, keep providing value, keep syndicating, sharing your list, people start to regard you as being credible. The know, like and trust factors are introduced in each day then eventually they’ll want to go forward from the value that you are providing to them. Google loves you if you post frequently. One blog here and there does not cut it. Blogging is a free way to make money, and by posting frequently, you will gain more traffic.

Blogging is a free way to make money #5 – The volume works together

Regard each blog post as a brick in the wall. The next post is the next brick to this house being built, and it’s when the whole house is up with each blog post that you are sharing each day that the money, traffic, subscribers and everything else start to happen with the business. One blog post every three months isn’t going to do much for you in your business when you haven’t got money to do marketing. You need to be creative; you need to be thinking about value, value, value, linking people to videos, linking people to personal development resources and sharing different things with your list making it interesting for them. All this volume, all this activity, linking your blog to all these places around the internet, providing them with some value, some interesting information that they’re here to find out about and what you’re sharing. All the blogs are working together, the work you’re doing each day is like building a house which eventually you’ll get it running for you. Blogging is a free way to make money because the volume of blog posts just needs time investment to work together and not money.

Blogging is a free way to make money

Blogging is a free way to make money #6 – Opportunity to target multiple keywords

You have the opportunity to target multiple keywords. Research keywords and create spreadsheets that have a number of keywords. Say, for example, you’ve created a list of one hundred keywords that you have decided to target through one hundred blog posts. That is one hundred words with that keywords list, and it allows you to target one hundred keywords at a time. It’s an opportunity rather than using a few keywords to stand out from the crowd. Everyone is going into Facebook, YouTube etc. but this takes you in a different direction, and you’ve got to be prepared to put in the time, target multiple keywords so that you are targeting more keywords more than anybody else so that you tend to get found in preference to the competition which is quite a significant benefit.

Blogging is a free way to make money #7 – Provide information readers are looking for

It would be a very boring life if we all enjoyed the same things. We are people who’ve got lots of different passions, we all are different, we all have different experiences, and we all know different things. This enables you to bring your character through your blog posts. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but your personality through your writing shows how passionate you are. You don’t have to write all the time; you can make a video on YouTube, copy the embed code and put the link onto your blog post and make it into a video blog. Using your passion through blogging is a free way to make money.

Blogging is a free way to make money #8 – Make yourself the go-to person; the expert

This allows you to share what you’re passionate about. With what people are watching and reading about you, it builds like and trust in your brand. If your content provides information to your readers what they’re looking for, by you turning up daily in your business, providing high-value content that with time, you will become the go-to expert in your niche. By being the expert, your readers will value your thoughts and insights…

Blogging is a free way to make money

Blogging is a free way to make money #9 – Share posts on social media for more traffic

With social media, you can tap into viral marketing opportunities by sharing the posts on social media. Every time you post a blog post, you are providing value across all the channels for people to access, which will grow your traffic with time, hence why blogging is a free way to make money. 

Blogging is a free way to make money #10 – Repurpose content into newsletters

You can repurpose your content into books, videos, newsletters, video courses, training courses, and all sorts of things if you are creative. You can come back to the blog post after six months and repurpose it.

Blogging is a free way to make money #11 – Share with subscribers = provide value

You can set up a blog broadcast. With the use of Aweber, you can automate a response which goes out to your list when you publish a post.

Blogging is a free way to make money

Blogging is a free way to make money #12 – Brand loyalty and high-quality content = high conversions

At times you will throw out a video, perhaps because you’re short of time on that day. The better the quality of the content, the more conversions you’re going to get. More people are going to keep coming back to see your content because they know like and trust you. You’re gaining credibility in the marketplace, hence why blogging is a free way to make money.

Blogging is a free way to make money #13 – Others share your content = backlinks

Maybe your subscribers or your readers are really liking your stuff that they really get you, relate to you, register on your website, coming to read these blog posts all the time because they’re seeing that you’re blogging consistently and now they’ll share your stuff which will give you loads of relevant backlinks. They perhaps put links into their social media accounts, on their website and then link back to you, so you get backlinks from the sharing of your content. You get a viral marketing effect, hence why blogging is a free way to make money.

Blogging is a free way to make money #14 – Rank for longtail keywords more likely to buy

Use longtail keywords as opposed to short tail keywords. You’re more likely get people, someone, to buy into a product that you’re promoting, purchase a service that you’re promoting if you work with the keywords that you got on your keyword lists to rank for longtail keywords they’re more likely to buy. For example, someone who looks for internet marketing is not necessarily ready to buy. Someone who is looking for the best internet marketing course and you use the keyword, “internet marketing training course” or “join an internet marketing business” is likely to buy. You want to use these long tail keywords several times in your post.  You want to have that longtail keyword in the URL for example

You got the longtail keyword in the URL which helps with rankings. The likelihood of someone putting that longtail keyword in the search engines and then finds your blog, see excellent content, clicks the link, the more likely they will buy because you targeted a longtail keyword as opposed to a short tail keyword, hence why blogging is a free way to make money.

The more posts you have, the more leads and sales.

Blogging is a free way to make money

Blogging is a free way to make money #15 – Readers can start a discussion with you

If you do Pay Per Click; they click the add, they go to a landing page, they opt-in. You can have a discussion with them afterwards but that’s through emails, inviting them onto Skype, find them on Facebook, through the apps that you have these days or however you want to connect with them but before they even purchase anything, opted-in anything they can leave comments on your blogs and start a discussion with you. You can do this in social media as well. Your readers can start a discussion with you so that it allows interaction and you can get a good feel for what your followers want from you by the comments they leave. It enables interaction for what they want. When you know what they want, you can provide the information they need to give them what they want.

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