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An article which looks at blogging and SEO benefits and how powerful it is to drive floods of free web visitors to your blog posts and web pages on your home based business blog.

28th September 2020
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Mark Ford

Hello, Mark Ford here, home business lifestyle coach and professional blogger and today's post is very important to the success of your home-based business blog because I will be covering blogging and SEO.

In case you are not aware of what SEO is, it stands for search engine optimization. This is how the major search engines such as Google and Bing score the relevance of your blog content which is based on many different factors which I will be covering within this blog post. When done properly blogging and SEO can work hand in hand to produce a highly effective and free marketing strategy for your business which has been wildly recognised by many of the leading world-wide brands over the last few years.

Consumers, who are your own potential leads and customers, have been steadily changing their buying habits and have somewhat turned their backs on the direct marketing strategies that have been in force over the last couple of decades. Having constant promotions pushed in their faces from the media has resulted in a form of advertising blindness. In other words they have seen the offer so many times they become immune to it and take less notice.

blogging and seo
Blogging And SEO

Instead they are leaning towards making their buying decisions through consuming value driven content, reviews and recommendations to find the solutions to the problems that they are experiencing. This provides a huge opportunity for you as a business owner to provide those solutions through various forms of content that you can post on your own home-based business blog.

The process works like this, and it something that you have done yourself on numerous occasions. When someone is looking for a solution the first place they turn to is the internet which has changed the landscape on how we live our lives today. The most popular search engine is Google and the natural train of thought for someone is to “Google it” when they are looking for an answer.

So, in the search box a person would type in a phrase and then hit “Search”. This phrase is called a keyword and a couple of classic examples would be “how to lose weight” or “how to make money online” and when these types of keywords are entered pages and pages of search results are delivered.

One thing to make you aware of is that the top 3 results and the ones on the right-hand side of the page are “sponsored ads” and have nothing to do with search engine optimization. This is where businesses pay to have their listings shown. The search results below these listings are referred to as organic listings and they have earnt their place by optimizing their content through the relevancy of it to the keyword that has been entered. This is where you as a blogger and a content marketer will want to position yourself as this is free traffic that you can command through the quality of content that you publish.

This is one of the most powerful benefits of creating a blog and publishing blog posts. The hour or so you spend creating high quality content can lead to months and years of free traffic to your website and your product offers. Imagine potentially thousands, maybe even tens of thousands of people clicking on your link. Imagine further the value they receive out of the content that you create and that they then ultimately take action which results in either lead generation or product sales for your business! All for free minus what you think your time is worth creating the content! How powerful and rewarding is that?

Blogging And SEO Benefits – How To Optimize Your Content

blogging and SEO benefits – how to optimize your content
Blogging And SEO Benefits – How To Optimize Your Content

Before I get into some tricks of the trade so to speak, there is a caveat that I must make you aware of. That is, anyone can create content but what you must do is position yourself as providing high quality content. This is one factor that will help you stand out and make a clear difference in the eyes of Google and all the other search engines. It is what they look for within their complex algorithms and it will result in whether, how and where they rank your blog posts.

Everything you produce must be original, have great grammar in the case of written posts, be well recorded and produced when it comes to video and audio and provide immense value to the visitor who has clicked on your link in the search engine.

Google and their competitors have their own reputation to uphold and will not list rubbish so unless you can meet the criteria that I have just mentioned then don’t even bother because you will be wasting your time.

What About The Blog Content?

Blog content comes in various formats with the most common form being a written blog post just like this one that you are reading at the moment. It should address the problem that someone is experiencing, relate to how they are feeling and then go on to somewhat tell a story on how you can help them before providing a solution at the end.

You should have a clear objective for your post. It may be generating leads, product sales or just providing value so people appreciate it and come back for more. It should never be a hard sell like “Buy, Buy, Buy my stuff”

Other forms of posts such as videos, audio and infographics should also follow this template. However, one great blogging tip is to create posts with a variety of formats to really engage the website and blog visitor. Put yourself in the mind of the visitor, recognise their pain points because this will help you when creating your content and it will give the content incredible purpose.

If you are looking to drive organic traffic from the search engines your post will be keyword driven and that keyword is a phrase consisting of between 2 – 6 words. In many ways long tail keywords of around 4 – 6 words are recognised as “buyer keywords” because they are signalling a specific problem that people are looking for a solution to. So when you do your keyword research, using tools such as the Google Keyword Planner or Digital Business Lounge, these are the best types of keywords to focus on.

Once you have your keyword to target you can construct your post around it and Google will be looking for specific things when they decide how to rank your post, so let me share with you what you need to have in place to get the most out of blogging and SEO. Read more below on blogging and seo benefits...

Blogging And SEO Benefits – The Importance Of The Keyword

keywordsOne of the first things to do is to make sure that your header 1 headline is the keyword. Then your keyword should be in your sub-headline header 2 which illustrates what your post is going to cover.

You then want to sprinkle your keyword within the body of your content with “sprinkle” being the key. Too many times I have seen people blast the keyword all over the place because they think it will get them a higher ranking where in reality it has the opposite effect. Your keyword should appear in header 3 sub-headlines throughout the post and it is important that your main images and videos are tagged and optimized to the main and secondary keywords for the blog post as well.

Blogging and SEO - More Blog Structure Tips from Mark Ford

Another top blogging tip is to link through the major keyword for the article you are writing to other content on your blog that is relevant to the main keyword phrase. For example, this blog post is about blogging and seo and you can see that I have hyperlinked through that keyword phrase to other content on this website.

In addition, I recommend that you consider each time linking out externally to other content that has been written by your competitors who have also written about that keyword phrase. Yes you may lose a bit of organic traffic and I have not gone mad in suggesting this. Google will like it that you are not focused on YOU and retaining all traffic on your own site. You are showing that you are more focused on your audience in not only giving value from your blog content but also curating other people's content that is relevant to yours.

> Here is a great example with this blogging and seo top article.

Do you want to go even further than this? Yes, Mark I do. Great... then why not also embed into your blog content a video you have done focused around the keyword or even link to a video from a competitor based on the keyword you are targeting. Again, for example purposes you will see that I have done this through this blogging and seo article.

What To Blog About Video Sharing Blogging Ideas

Blogging and SEO Videos

RANAsVFX - You Tube Link

More Blogging and SEO Tips from Mark Ford

Do you have more blogging tips Mark? Yes... also ensure you get the main keyword phrase in the first and last sentence of your blog content and that you break the content up into bite size chunks with headlines. Make it easy to read on the eye and not just a mass of text. You will develop your own writing style as I have done but adding images and videos relevant to the content is also a very good thing to do.

How often should I blog?

No marketing budget, well I would say daily. However, look at the time you have to do this and allow one hour per post and two hours to optimize the content and syndicate it around the internet. What level of commitment do you have to making a success of blogging and seo. That will also help you determine the amount of times you blog each week. Make the decision one how many times to blog a week, turn up, do it and be consistent blogging at that level.

Anything else? Well yes... it is also a good idea to put the main keyword phrase in bold in the first sentence of the article and underlined in the last sentence of your article content and provide a call to action at the end for your reader to follow.

Finally.... have a consistent way in which you sign your content off. Do not leave it hanging in the air without being signed off by yourself saying who you are and what you do. If you send out a letter... wow, do you still do that?... then you would not leave it without a signature at the end. Therefore, make sure to sign off your blog posts each time.

I have blogged about all things home business for many years now and I have had major blogging success creating a very healthy income through blogging. This is how I construct every single post that I create so I suggest that you study this post and it’s structure as this is what the search engines are looking for and this post is optimized fully for their robots and spiders to crawl all over to assess the relevancy for search engine optimization purposes.

Blogging Success - Mark Ford

Blogging and SEO is a kind of science in some respects and at face value it can seem very daunting and complicated but once you get the hang of it, practice it over and over again until it becomes second nature and effortless. The upshot is that blogging is incredibly beneficial to your business. However, you must get the search engine optimization right because if you don’t then no one will ever see your content. Think of it this way.

If you had a shop and it was down the end of a dark street where no one ever walks you would never get anyone through the door. You would want it in a prominent position on the high street where all the foot traffic is, so people see what you have to offer them.

In the virtual world if you do not optimize your content and blog you will be on page 1000 where no one ever visits. If on the other hand you understand the importance of SEO, and put in place the strategies that I have shared with you, then you have every chance of improving the opportunity of getting onto the first page of the search engine results and have a flood of 'free' visitors every day. And... what if you also learn about blog syndication. Well, that will improve your chances of getting eyes on your content even more. Because... that is what it is about, isn't it? Driving traffic to your website where they engage and take action.

For more information on blogging please check out my Solutions page where you will see that I have many membership options available to help you learn more about the benefits of blogging and develop further your home-based blogging business online.

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This article shows the power of blogging and SEO. It is over to you now to start creating high quality, value driven content and getting the search engine optimization spot on. Get creative, start today and make an impact on people’s lives.

I wish you every success in building a home business lifestyle through blogging.

Home Business Lifestyle and Blogging Coaching with Mark Ford, loyally stepping up for others SO THAT they are given inner peace.

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