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If you have been following all these articles, you would have got the just of blogging, but if you’re new to this article, then the term blog comes from weblog. A blog is usually on a platform, ideally a website where people write articles. This could be as a hobby or as a business. There are no limits to blogging; you can also blog in your niche. A blog is similar to the articles you see in the newspaper and is like an online newspaper that has articles with images. Are you a blogger, or are you a Vlogger? Let’s look at what a vlogger does.

A vlogger uses videos to tell their stories. Since platforms like YouTube has come out, vlogging became popular. By the use of video, you can demonstrate your point while explaining and showing viewers something.

Should you begin blogging or vlogging first? Which one is for you?

Blogger vs Vlogger – Are you camera shy?

If you are not used to the camera and feeling hesitant to start as a vlogger, then start as a blogger. Being a blogger allows you to write an article and stay in the background as a writer until you gain more confidence. If you want to remain anonymous, you can, but by being a vlogger, people will know you by your face.

This comes down to personal preferences, character and your niche. If you are already a writer and want to get a following with readers, then blogging is a really good way to go.

Blogger vs Vlogger – Blogging ensures you leave nothing unsaid and vlogging might need many attempts

If you are writing an article and you’re in between one thousand to one thousand two hundred words, it could take your reader about seven minutes to go through your article. As a vlogger, having a video that is too long might lose engagement unless you make it interesting from the beginning. We live in a generation where the attention span is low, especially with Gen Z because of the volume of content there is and the content that people have access too.

With vlogging, you would need to re-record if you’ve missed some crucial points and if you’re doing a live then there’s no way of editing it or adding in what you’ve forgotten especially if it’s a topic that you don’t plan to discuss again on video.

Blogger vs Vlogger

Blogger vs Vlogger – Blogging gives you a platform where you can add links to your videos

The way vlogging is done today, people don’t pay too much attention to the written message as opposed to the video they’re seeing. They are either interested or not. Few people read under the description of your video and miss important information like the links or the website if they did like the video. We live in a time where people consume a lot of information and have a low attention span so if someone is going on YouTube to find a video it’s likely that they hit next or back if the video they’re seeing isn’t of interest or entertaining to them.

Being a blogger gives you the space to embed your vlogging material alongside your blogging. This is a powerful combination, especially if you’re using both strategies. You can interlink your videos from your blog. People who come to your site to read your articles come because they like your content, it resonates with them, they have the time to read and learn something intelligent. Vlogging makes your articles more interesting. It’s easier to link your vlogging to the blogging rather than vice-versa.

Blogger vs Vlogger – Are you talkative or prefer writing down your thoughts?

Maybe you want to lay out your research, have a clear meaning and show people your analyses then blogging is definitely for you. You can use graphs, statistics, infographics and explain the evaluation so that your readers can make informative decisions or get educated on something they never knew. People who want to read something intelligent and have time for education will prefer a blog post that provides the information backing up the concept rather than having a few minutes to watch a video to learn something because they have three to four minutes rather than seven minutes and more to read something that forces you to think.

Being a blogger is less pressure in terms of how you are perceived on camera plus your message. If you’re an introvert, a writer, like isolation and still didn’t get your head round to being this exposed compared to blogging, then begin as blogger vs a vlogger. Take it in steps; get your audience right, your messaging right, your fear of being judged out of the way, serve, read the feedback and apply, make changes, challenge yourself and then challenge yourself a bit more.

Blogger vs Vlogger

Blogger vs Vlogger – Are you good with words? How good are you?

If you’re good with words, how good are you as a blogger vs a vlogger? A vlogger cannot optimise their words on video, but a blogger can. If you’re good at writing or even learning to write useful blog posts, you have the opportunity to use keywords to optimise your blog posts, which can help your ranking and bring you traffic over time.

Blogger vs Vlogger – How professional do you want to come across?

It is not costly to set up a blog. Check out this article, which looks at the cost of starting a blog Your website is an online shop that doesn’t need a lot to come across professionally. The quality of the content you write without any English grammar errors or spelling will give a good impression on you and your service; as long as people understand and get value, there is no pressure of coming across professional. Your knowledge speaks for itself.

With being a professional vlogger, you’d need video equipment, time to edit videos and once they’re published, you can’t edit them online. You’ll also need a microphone, a camera that records with high definition, and video editing software. It takes less time to write a blog than to put a professional video considering the time required for editing. The cost for good equipment starts at $500 upwards; a lot more than running a blog.

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